Desktop Table Tennis

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Desktop Table Tennis

Ping and Pong all day long!

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Product Description

Here’s a table tennis fact that you might not have known – it was originally called ‘Wiff Waff’ and was actually created in Britain in the early 1800s as an after dinner game. 

Now we have got the interesting fact of the day out the way here’s something to keep you entertained. The Desktop Table Tennis is the ultimate in compact gaming. Take it anywhere you want so you’ll never be caught out. Included in the pack are two bats, one ball plus the all important net with suction cups to hold it firmly down to your table.

It’s great for long days at the office or home and can be played by a single player batting against a wall or with two players going head to head, ping to pong. Plus it’s a perfect way to get some last minute practice in for the Olympic Games.

Product Features

  • A mini version of the classic Table Tennis game
  • 2 x paddles, 1 x net with suction cups and a ping pong ball
  • Great last minute practice before the Olympics
  • Net measures approx 60cm x 5cm
  • Paddles measures approx. 16cm x 10cm


  • 2 x Table Tennis Paddles
  • 1 x Ping Pong Ball
  • 2 x Suction Cups
  • 1 x Net

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Excellent bit of kit - Review by JAMES

Great fun with this Desktop Table Tennis set, will also be good for taking to friends and on holiday! Cheers RED5

Ping Pong, all day long! - Review by Alex

In the morning, the afternoon and the evening I've been playing ping pong no matter what the time, everywhere!

I've turned my kitchen and garden table into a ping pong table and even the worktops! I wouldn't recommend the ceiling though... That didn't work!

Overall, a great product, and as always a quick delivery from RED5.