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Bouncyosaurus was a lesser known dinosaur that has sadly been forgotten about in the history books. Since cars and public transport didn’t exist way back then, it was the only way Neanderthals could get to the local shops (yes we know local shops didn’t exist either, this is just poetic license!). All you have to do is simply inflate and then bounce to your heart’s content! Don’t worry about anything getting in your way either as the Dinosaur Hopper comes complete with an inflatable caveman club too!

This adorable Dino hopper has been specifically chosen by our super talented web team (who are also responsible for this description) against the wishes of our Buying Director! Every time someone buys a bouncyosaurus, we guarantee that he’ll get a bash on the head with the inflatable club to prove how wrong he was!


Product Features

  • The cutest hopper...ever!
  • Free inflatable caveman club included
  • Air pump supplied
  • Inflates to 45cm (inflate to lesser size for smaller children)



  • 1 x Space Hopper 
  • 1 x Dinosaur cover 
  • 1 x Inflatable Club 
  • 1 x Air pump

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