Doo Doo Head

Unscented mask

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Product Description

It’s not very often that we want to look like ‘poo’ but if you are going to, then you might as well give it your all and don this very… let’s say interesting mask.

The Doo Doo Head is a great idea for a fancy dress party as we can pretty much guarantee that no one else will be dressed as a turd! Made from latex with built in eye holes, you can sneak around a get-together with no one knowing who the mysterious poop man or lady is. Detailed with a classic ‘whippy’ style, the Doo Doo Head will allow you to stand out from the crowd on any occasion!

Ps. if you are concerned about a certain smell hovering around you whilst wearing this crazy headgear – it’s not the mask.

Product Features

  • Unconventional mask
  • Perfect for parties and disguises
  • Whippy styled poop
  • No unpleasant scents included
  • Latex mask
  • Seeing and breathing holes
  • Fits most adult heads

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