Drinking Golf

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Drinking Golf

A more exciting version of real golf

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Product Description

If you think that golf is boring then clearly you've been playing the wrong type of golf. Introducing Drinking Golf! A game massively influenced by Beer Pong, this game is 18 holes of trick shots and drinking challenges, bound to keep the whole party entertained (and drunk). Choose your drink of choice, grab a card from the deck and see if you can make the shot in the required number of throws. If you can’t, then you have to drink but if you make the shot then you get to choose who drinks. It’s a simple, friendly game that requires skill, luck and a lot of drinking.

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Product Features

  • 18 holes of trick shot challenges
  • Inspired by the popular Beer Pong
  • A game for golf and drinking enthusiasts alike
  • Each trick shot has a par you have to beat
  • Everything is included in the set, all you need is the alcohol


  • 18x Trick shot cards
  • 4x Ping Pong balls
  • 1x Base and floating flag
  • 1x Removable plastic cup (Not safe for dishwasher use)
  • 1x Book of scorecards with mini pencil

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