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Duncan Phoenix Diabolo

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Product Description

The Duncan Phoenix Diabolo is a diabolo with a split personality! On one hand it’s great for beginners producing super long spin times even with imperfect technique, and on the other its also great for more advanced diaboloist! So how is this possible? Well it’s all down to its ability to change from a one way to a fixed axle diabolo!

Changing axles alters the difficulty level of the Diabolo from professional to beginner without the need of a tool box.  Integrated 1-way bearings are easier to get to grips with and better for beginners whereas fixed axles are trickier to master but improve your skill a great deal more. With no need for screwdrivers, simply twist the built in hand knobs to take apart your Diabolo, flip over the two washers inside and you have switched.

The stable hard rubber shell retains its shape throughout play and weighs approximately 260g giving more momentum as the heavier the weight, the longer you will spin for. The high speed roller bearing technology also gives low string friction as well as longer spin times. By maximizing traditional rim-weight with an additional centre shell-weight the Diabolo creates an easy start up and fantastic speed.

This Duncan Phoenix Diabolo, with cotton cord and two 13” plastic hand sticks with rubber grips, allows you to switch axles back and forth for variations in play and to accommodate any skill level. 

Product Features

  • Convert fixed axle to a 1-way bearing axle
  • Beginners and professional players
  • As used in Cirque De Soleil and Chinese New Year
  • Made from a hard rubber stable shell
  • 13” plastic hand sticks with rubber grips
  • Cotton cord string
  • High speed roller bearing technology

Technical Specifications

  • Weighs approx. 260g
  • Measures approx. 5-1/4”
  • Diameter approx. 5-3/8”
  • Fixed axle or 1 way bearing conversion


  • 1 x Duncan Phoenix Diabolo
  • 1 x Cotton Cord
  • 2 x 13" plastic hand sticks with rubber grips

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