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Edible Gummy Shot Glasses

To quote Lil Jon… Shots Shots Shots!

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Product Description

So you’re throwing a party huh? That’s great! Just make sure you have everything you need to let your hair down. Alcohol – check. Party hats – check. Shot Glasses – erm… No. Don’t allow your guests to drink Tequila from old eggs cups or tacky plastic ‘glasses’ from the discount store. Let them drink in style, and enjoy a cheeky snack along the way!

The Edible Gummy Shot Glasses combine two of the most important parts of any party – alcohol and food. Take a shot, or two, or maybe even three, then when all the Sambuca, Vodka or Jager has gone, (boo!) chomp down on a delicious treat! These Gummy Shot Glasses are 100% edible and provide an extra little energy boost for your night out on the town. Each pack contains four yummy shot glasses in four different colours too. So say goodbye to salt, lemon shot and hello to shot, bite and chomp!

Product Features

  • Delicious shot glasses
  • Like gummy bears – but cups!
  • 100% edible. 100% yummy
  • Perfect for prinkies
  • 4 shot glasses in pack

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