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Edmond the Solar Pug

Hipster dog is the new lucky cat!

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Product Description

Lucky Cats are an incredibly popular item in china, you can’t go anywhere without seeing one waving at you. Apparently, they can bring all sorts of things to the owner, good luck, prosperity, and good health, but none give us a valuable lesson in fashion. Here to help those who struggle with the concept of style is Edmond the Solar Pug.

He can’t bring you riches or improve your luck in any way but he can teach you a thing or two about looking good. As a pug, he already has the good looks that everyone craves (the small chubby body with a smushed up nose) and he knows exactly how to accessorize to compliment his figure. Firstly he’s solar powered so that automatically wins points on the style scale. Secondly, he has that hipster vibe going on which is so in fashion right now. Because let’s face it, the polka dot bow tie and big nerd glasses is a classic look that will never get old. Not only is he a doggy style icon but he is also super polite! So polite in fact, that he will spend all day waving at you and any passers-by. This hipster/fashion guru is perfect for pug lovers everywhere. Just place him in a nice sunny spot to let him work to his full potential.

Product Features

  • Solar powered pug
  • Waves at passers by
  • Wearing bow tie and nerd glasses
  • Cheaper than a real life pug
  • Uses natural sunlight
  • Best placed by a window
  • Measures approx.  13cm x 9cm x 9cm

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