Emergency Keychain Capsule

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Emergency Keychain Capsule

Secret money stash

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Product Description

There are plenty of times in life where you could have done with that extra twenty squid, whether it’s for that taxi home, the more than expensive last round, or if the cash machine eats up your card. Either way, keeping an extra bit of dosh on you is an exceptional idea.

The Emergency Keychain Capsule can be the saviour you have been waiting for, if you actually put some spare cash in it that is! Made from solid, water resistant aluminium, the handy keychain comes in the famous bright red which is seen on most warning signs and fire extinguishers etc. with the words ‘open in case of emergency’ written across the body. It's ideal for festivals and large events where you wouldn't want to take your whole wallet with you, simply roll up a note or two and slip it into the capsule which measures around the same size of your average door key, so you’ll barely even notice it’s there!

Product Features

  • Portable miniature safe
  • Securely holds emergency cash
  • Made from strong aluminium
  • Water resistant
  • Attach easily to your keychain
  • Measures approx. 6cm x 1cm x 1cm

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Size of capsule - Review by Josh

I love the design of the capsule but notes don't fit in the capsule. I have to make them as small and I can by folding them over and over again and I don't want to break the notes. Overall good design, bad size.