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EVO2 Missile Firing Gyro Heli

Rockets away!

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Product Description

The EVO2 is the technologically more advanced brother of the EVO1. Its identical in almost every way except this helicopter is packing heat! That’s right, two side mounted missiles to be precise. No longer will you have to fire pretend missiles whilst make rubbish firing noises as the EVO2 does both!

So if terrifying Mum, Dad, the girlfriend and the cat with your helicopter fly by skills is losing its appeal, why not add rockets to the mix. Once launched  the missiles shoot out and are able to hit targets up to about 8ft away!

The EVO2 has a built in gyro which really helps keep the handling steady (which is ideal when you have a target to hit!) and the 3 channel controls give you great manoeuvrability.

The helicopter either charges from the remote or via the USB lead included, and after about a 40 minute charge you’ll get 8mins of flying (and shooting time). Don’t worry if you lose a rocket or two as the EVO2 comes with 6 in total. The remote even makes realistic helicopter engine sounds along with firing effects when the missiles are released.  All you need to provide is the ‘bombs away!’ 

Product Features

  • 1:64 Scale Infrared controlled mini heli
  • Features two side loaded missiles
  • 3 channel helicopter
  • Gyroscope Stability System
  • 3 Channel control
  • Flashing Red/Blue/Green LED lights
  • Measures approx. 18cm long

Technical Specifications

  • Rechargeable battery: 3.7V 100Mah Li-Po (included)
  • Full charge time: 40-50 minutes
  • Flying time per charge: about 5-8 minutes
  • Remote control range: around 10 meters


  • 1 x remote control helicopter
  • 1 x remote control
  • 6 x missiles
  • 1 x USB lead
  • 1 x spare top rotor
  • 1 x spare bottom rotor
  • 1 x spare tail rotor
  • 1 x instructions

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TOP GUN - Review by Stephen (staff member at RED5 Hamleys Glasgow)

This product combines all the things we dreamed of as children - flying toys that fire missiles. The missiles don't hurt and travel well, and the helicopter handles brilliantly and the controller makes the thudding sound of a helicopter - you cant help but hum ride of the Valkyries (the Apocalypse now theme tune) and many other tunes such as Highway To The Danger Zone from Top Gun while flying around your living room firing at objects. It also goes great with the army men that RED5 sell if you want to have ground troops for your aerial assault.

Sound effects - Review by Harriet

It flies well and is stable when firing the missiles. However it would be better if the sound effects were when the missiles were fired. It sounds like a dinosaur.

Finally! - Review by feliks

Finally a Heli that shoots missiles and is easy to control! The flight easily matches that of the U4s and S107s, but now you can accurately shoot missiles! Leagues better than the Heli Blaster! Such good fun!

It has missiles!!!!! - Review by Jon

What bloke doesn't want a helicopter with missiles and sound effects!!!!!!! plus awsome to fly. defo recommend!

its just perfect - Review by EmilyNeeds

helicopters everywhere but this is stand out, loving the missles, loving the gyro, but, most of all, loving the sound effects, makes me wanna start "roger echo 4 this is blue leader target is in sight" hehehehehe Amazing !!!!

Brilliant - Review by stuart

These are Brilliant.
Thank You, we received 2 of these yesterday and we cant stop using them.The missiles travel far and the sound effects are cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun and Resiliant - Review by Kassius

RC Helicopters just keep getting better and better. This one is so stable and easy to use, plus it fires missiles and makes the SFX. Whats not to love? Recommended.