Extendable Back Scratcher

The arch enemy of all itches

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Product Description

Even throughout the thousands of years of human evolution, man has always struggled to reach that annoying itch in the middle of our back. No matter how much bending, twisting and crumpling of body parts we do, we have no other option but to rub up and down against the door frame like a bear does to a tree.  We would like to call this syndrome Itchy-back-aritis. 

Although we don’t have a cure for this predicament we can offer you some tools to help. The Extendable Back Scratcher is the arch enemy to all itches, tickles and prickles, even when they are placed in the trickiest of places. Crafted from metal with seven fingers, the Extendable Back Scratcher measures at 19.5cm when closed and telescopically extends to an impressive 68cm.

The hero to all your irritating itches and the saver of our door frames.

Product Features

  • Telescopic extendable back scratcher
  • Made from metal with black grip handle
  • 7 fingered itching hand
  • Extends from 19.5cm to 68cm

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