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Fincredible Goldfish Bowl

A fish with batter-ies

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Product Description

Goldfish, we likey: how they glide effortlessly round their tank in a carefree and relaxing manner. We no likey: having to remember to feed them every day, and constantly change the water, time after time….after time. Plus nobody likes having to send their goldfish to that special place where goldfish go to die….the toilet!

The Fincredible Goldfish Bowl is perfect for anyone who thinks the above statement is true. This lifelike artificial goldfish will happily swim round the tank on your command. Simply tap the bowl lid on the top and your little fishy will swim around as if it were real. They don’t die (just replace the batteries), you don’t need to feed them, you don’t need to clean them, AND they act as a mood light in the dark!

So how do you get your fish to act on demand? Simple, 1 tap and it darts from one side to the other. 2 taps and it swims just like the real thing, and 3 taps makes it circles around the bowl.

Why not name you fish too. We’ve come up with some excellent, celebrity themed, suggestions below if you are in need of some inspiration:

Cod Stewart,

Prawn Connery,

Skate Moss

Heidi Clam

Sole Campbell


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Product Features

  • Electronic pet fish - swims realistically 
  • Tap to perform fishy tricks
  • Colour changing LED turns it into a mood light at night!
  • Just add water
  • Measures Approx. 18cm x 20cm x 11.5cm


  • 1 Pet fish
  • 1 Fish bowl
  • 1 Underwater decoration
  • 3 AA batteries

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