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Fire Stash

A lighter with a secret

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Product Description

All True Utility packaging doubles as a handy water resistant storage case. This case is perfect to keep valuables in when out and about at places such as the beach or by the pool. 

This unbelievably small, waterproof key-ring canister houses a fully working lighter that is ready to ignite at your command! Attach the Firestash to your key-ring for essential outdoor use and refill with standard petrol lighter fuel.

Product Features

  • Dark chrome plated zinc alloy
  • Petrol refillable lighter
  • Waterproof neoprene 'O' ring
  • 20mm split keyring attachment
  • Refillable lighter fluid capsule
  • Extendable wick
  • Measures approx. (l) 4.5cm x (w)1.5cm x (d) 1.5cm

Technical Specifications

  • Requires lighter fluid


  • 1 x Fire Stash lighter
  • 1 x key ring hoop
  • 1 x instruction manual

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it works! - Review by Ru

Not often your in a situation where you actually need to start a fire and haven't got a better solution already prepared - however to satisfy the survivalist in you or as a stand by, this is hard to beat.
Its a petroleum based lighter fluid so tends to be better at lighting up even in damp conditions and in freezing cold. Its tiny and I've seen people add it to their "emergency packs"
The seal is very good and its not prone to leakage that I can see but spirit will evaporate over time so don't count on this still being full if its been sitting in your back pack for 2 years! You need to refill it periodically.

Over all a great little gadget and as part of the "true" range its reasonably well made and very attractively priced.

best lighter ever!! - Review by Gemma Wigglesworth

This lighter is the most convenient lighter ever. It attaches to my keys, so no more searching through my bag and pockets. And i've also found that it lights despite the weather. Awesome.