Fish Bowl

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Fish Bowl

Mini aquarium

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A Clown Fish together with a Regal Blue Tang.......hmmmm sounds familiar, and now you could see this awesome pair together every day. These two fishies will swim continuously around the bowl without ever needing feeding, cleaning or replacing!

Secretly hidden in the rock base of the Fish Bowl is an invisible magnetic field which will pull the aquatic creatures around the tank so they just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming! ;)

Simply add distilled water to the bowl along with a couple of drops of washing up liquid to create the perfect living space for the colourful duo. Sat on their artificial rock, these cuties will make a great addition to your child’s bedroom or even become your new desktop companions.

Product Features

  • Tiny, no maintenance pet fish
  • Artificial rock with hidden magnets
  • Magnets make the fish swim around the bowl
  • Colourful beads
  • No cleaning
  • No feeding
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries
  • Measures approx. 11.5cm x 10cm 9cm

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Great but the box is misleading - Review by Gem

My daughter was bought this fish tank for her birthday and it's very sweet and she loves it but....... on the box it says the batteries are required to make the light work.......but there is no light. We spent ages trying to work out why the light wasn't working before checking the product information online. So I'd say it's a very cute little tank but be aware that there isn't a light as stipulated in the instructions.

fabaroonie present!!!!! Reem - Review by Melanie

Kids pestered for another fish tank we said no, but this worked out mahoosively so much better, no cleaning no feeding needed lol look like the real thing, and look fantastic, my kids are so happy with um its unreal xxxx