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Now if you remember your Sunday School Bible lessons, Moses prayed to God to kill all the flies, but unfortunately that plan didn't quite come to fruition! If your prayers are also unanswered and are still annoyed by pesky mosquitoes and flies darting around, the Fly Gun is a simple solution.

Assembly of the Fly Gun is simple and will take no long than a minute.
First, find your target and keep very still. It's best to aim a little bit above the little chap and from a distance of around 30-60cm away. Then gently squeeze the trigger and the nozzle will come speeding out! If successful you'll notice that whilst it kills them, it doesn't leave a mess like a conventional fly squatter. You may need a bit of practise to perfect your technique, but after a while you should have mastered it.

As fun as all this sounds, remember the fly gun isn't a toy. But it is simple and effective way to alleviate one of life's little irritations!

Product Features

  • The ultimate fly swat
  • Shoot flies up up 60cm away
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in red or blue
  • Fully washable


  • 1 x Fly Gun
  • 1 x Length of string
  • 1 x Spring
  • 1 x Shaft tube
  • 1 x Swatter head

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