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Please note: Due to the size of this product unfortunately it does not come in the new water resistant case. 

The FlyEye 7 LED Torch by True Utility has a revolutionary wide beam lens, inspired by nature - its no ordinary torch! With 7 lenses encasing 7 1W LED bulbs this torch offers magnified and wide dispersing light. Using the latest ‘straw hat’ LED technology this flashlight gives improved light dispersion that lights the area in front of you. A standard torch can shine a long distance with a bright tunnelled beam of light, but when you’re walking along you don’t need to see that tree 100m in your path! What you do need to see is the area in your immediate vicinity. The space where you’re going to be placing your next step, and all that’s around you. This is exactly why the FlyEye was designed; it offers an amazing 210+ lumens of light from just 4 x AAA batteries.

The FlyEye can be used in both full and long lasting power modes making sure the brightness and run time is in your hands. It comes with a flexible tripod so you can place or hang it wherever you need to from a tree or the top of your tent illuminating the area you are. It also comes with a belt pouch so you can have this torch to hand wherever you might be. It’s design incorporates a lens protector so it can be placed lens down with no problems and it is also designed to stand on its tail end so you could place it in a space for a bright dispersed light like a lantern.

Hands free or hanging from a tree this torch really is the ultimate in flashlight experiences so make sure you can see whatever you need to with the FlyEye 7 from True Utility.

Product Features

  • Shines a super bright light all around your immediate vicinity
  • The lens magnifies the 7 x 1 Watt super bright LED’s to increase your peripheral vision
  • Shockproof
  • Water resistant
  • Dual output
  • Flexible tripod
  • Measures approx. 15cm x 4.5cm in diameter

Technical Specifications

  • 7 x 1 watt LEDs
  • 210+ lumens
  • Power save mode - lasts up to 6hrs
  • Normal Mode - up to 120mins
  • Aircraft grade aluminium body 
  • High quality neoprene sealing ‘O’ rings throughout
  • 4 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Weighs approx. 95 grams


  • 1 x FlyEye 7 LED torch
  • 1 x flexible tripod
  • 1 x lanyard
  • 1 x ballistic nylon case

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Best torch I've ever owned - Review by Patrick

Didn't buy this from Red5, bought it from True Utility, but it is an amazing torch. It's the right size for a torch that you'd take camping or on a night hike, it's the right weight, it's super mega bright - it illuminates a long way into the distance, but also around your immediate vicinity, extremely brightly.

Having the option for a power-saving and full-power mode is good, the only possible thing that I don't like is the batteries move around slightly inside it and make a little noise sometimes. It's reliable, bright, handy and the tripod is a good tool if you're wanting to for example read a book when you're camping or just wanting to light up the whole campsite!!!

WARNING - if you shine in someone's eyes at full power mode, the purpley blotch of a bright light will remain in their eye for about 15 minutes :p

REALLY BRIGHT - Review by mark

Warning! This torch is ridiculously bright!!

It is also tough as nails; I'd imagine it would take a serious amount of effort to damage the rugged metal housing.

I bought this to take to T in the Park and quickly became the most unpopular person in my tent. It's certainly not one for shining in your mates' eyes. The batteries seem to last quite well also, as mine have yet to require changing.

I thouroughly reccomend this torch to anyone caught in a dark spot.