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Flying Sock Monkey

Socks DO make great presents after all!

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Product Description

During the Great Depression of 1929 in America, there was a booming sock business. The top socks of this era were the Rockford socks, best known for their coloured heels they provided most of the socks for the people in the local area.

Then after one lady creatively transformed her pair of socks in to an adorable Sock Monkey, it sparked a craze and soon led to women trading cosy feet for something cute to cuddle up to. Awww. Our Flying Sock Monkeys are styled on the originals as they still have the distinctive coloured mouths that featured on the Rockford socks, so everyone can enjoy a bit of history!

A lot has changed since 1929 so we’ve upgraded the little fellows slightly into Monkey catapults. Not only do they want you to have cute cuddles and all that lovey dovey stuff but they really love being flung across the room at high speeds!

Their soft little arms conceal twin Latex straps that convert them from cuddly nostalgia to creatures that will strike terror into your enemy's heart….well, they're as terrifying as a cute monkey can be! Simply insert your index and middle finger into their gloves, pull back the legs, aim and fire! Off he goes, straight into your Gran’s crystal vase with a cry worthy of Tarzan himself. Ah-ah-AHHHH, Ah-ah-AHHHH!!

Product Features

  • Original sock monkey that can now fly!
  • Fires up to 50ft
  • Heavy duty latex concealed in each arm
  • Screams when launched
  • Warning, monkey can reach high speeds – be careful of others
  • Ages 5 and up
  • Measures approx. 29cm

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Wacky but brilliant! - Review by Yvonne

My son (29) had loads of fun with this over the festive period along with the younger members of the family. Great fun for young and old(er)!!

Screaming Sock Monkey - Review by Tracey

I bought this for my son-in-law for his Crimbo stocking filler.....

Needless to say we (dogs and cat also!) all had a little fun with it (and it does what it screams at high velocity as it whizzes through the air...and it does go a great distance....but I haven't got 50ft to spare in my living room!! lol)

A good buy that brought loads of fun for the family....and for monkey nuts value too xx

Trace from Mansfield

Great Fun - Review by Elizabeth

My teenage boys absolutely loved these on Christmas day, even their 79 year old Grandad joined in.

Maginificent Mike the Monkey ! :) - Review by Jim

This has provided loads of laughs to all visitors around the house as all they see is a speeding sock shooting past their eyes screaming a Tarzan screech! Easy to use and very addictive.
I urge you to buy two so you and a friend can launch them at each other in mid air. Great buy, just beware not to fire it into the toilet like my little brother did!

Monkey warfare - Review by Martin

Bought two for my boys and they loved them. It was flying monkey warfare in our house, great simple fun.

Brilliant! - Review by Michelle

Great fun for all ages it was a brilliant gift for Christmas and they absolutely loved it! Simple and fun!

Entertaining - Review by James

Bought as a fun gift for Christmas.

Seems to be manufactured well & has provided the anticipated silly fun it promised after being fired around the room for days on end.

Good product, performing well, good range with a pretty flat trajectory!

monkey madness - Review by frank smith

I defy anyone not to laugh out loud at this cute monkey as he flys accross the room screeching aaeee, aeee, aeee, we love it in our house, simple things...