Flyro Gyro

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Flyro Gyro

Flies over 60ft!

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Product Description

British summertime means chilling in the park with friends for a good old kick about and a few bevvys. You could throw a ball about but thats a bit boring (and not too exciting if you throw like a girl). The Flyro Gyro however can swoop, swish, duck and dive, loop and all the rest, without you needing biceps of a wrestler.

The wheel acts as the gyroscope spinning whilst flying through the air. As it spins it counteracts any other force working against it. Therefore creating a ‘gravity defying’ behaviour that will keep you zooming around. The harder you spin the wheel, the further and faster it will fly.

Bendable wings allow a more curved flightpath and enables this little plane to cover a massive 60 foot distance. Plus considering the average football costs around £15, the Flyro Gyro leaves you enough spare change to buy a cheeky lollypop!

Product Features

  • Flying toy that can travel over 60ft
  • Built in gyroscope sends it zooming
  • The faster you spin the wheel the further it will go
  • Designed for children of 5 years+
  • Measures approx. 17cm x 11cm x 4cm

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Flyro Gyro! - Review by Jamie

I bought one of these when we were on our way to the Beach after trying it in store.

You just place your middle finger in the hole and throw it forward and it goes miles!

A little tricky to get the hang of but when you do its great fun!