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We’ve often heard the expression ‘don’t kids grow up fast’ which normally comes from some old dear as they pinch your cheeks. Yes, they do grow fast but we didn’t expect to see babies with fully flourishing facial hair!

These quirky dummy gives your little ‘uns that all important face fuzz or those luscious lips that you have been longing for. Made from quality moulded non-toxic plastic and baby grade silicone, this is a great way to embarrass them in the years to come when showing future boyfriends and girlfriends baby photos. So next time your child is screaming the house down, just pop one of these in their mouths and hopefully your laughing at their hilarious new face will cheer them up.

After all, there’s nothing cooler than a beard, but a 'tash or goatee on a baby has to be the epitome of classic cool, never mind a gorgeous trout pout for your little princess. Leaving your children looking extremely dapper and adorably cute!

Product Features

  • Adorable pacifier with added moustache, giant lips or goatee
  • Made from non-toxic plastic and baby grade silicone
  • Hilarious novelty gift
  • Measures approx. 6cm x 3.5cm 5cm
  • Conforms to EN-1400 

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Amazing Gift - Review by James

My best mate is expecting twins - and when I saw these in my wife's copy of Stylist (and yes, I often read it too) I couldn't resist. I cant wait for their reaction!

HALARIOUS - Review by Olivia

AMAZING! Bought it for my nephew, never fails to make you laugh!!!!

Win-win - Review by Sonja

Everyone is happy with this - my nephew, his parents, his sister...I recommend it!

Tache-tastic! - Review by Vickkie

I bought this for my 12 week old son to use, but mainly to make my friends smile as they are 'tache-obsessed! We have so far bought most things 'tache orientated & this was the epitome of 'tache-tastic-ness. It gets a giggle every time. Love it! :D

It's a baby, with a moustache... - Review by Philippa

How could you not buy it?!

Hilarious - Review by Lauren

Bought this for a friend as a joke, turns out her beautiful baby boy loves it! Not only does he look fantastic and put a smile on everyone's face but he will gladly sit and suck on this dummy for hours! Great product and brilliant idea!