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It’s easy to forget that our beloved pets were once wild animals roaming free. After years of domestication they still haven't lost their desire to explore and still enjoy a jolly around the local area and beyond. For a pet owner, there’s nothing quite as frightening as not knowing where your furry friend is, but the G-Paws Pet GPS atleast allows you to review their daily adventures.

The G-Paws Pet GPS is like a sat nav for your pets, or a cat-nav if you will. An ultra-lightweight weatherproof GPS recorder which you can easily attach to any sized collar thanks to the two soft silicone sleeves. Inside this tiny machine is a high sensitivity multi-channel GPS chip which allows you to track your pets every move, accurate to a couple of metres. It is designed to detect and record its position every five seconds and still works when it is clipped under your pet’s neck. A ‘Tracklog’ of everywhere your pet has travelled is stored on the unit with the capacity to store hundreds of journeys. Each and every journey is downloaded and saved as a GPX file onto gpaws.com and then when the memory is full, new journeys automatically over write the oldest journeys.

Using an internal lithium-polymer battery, you get eight hours of continual use and with the built in motion sensor, if there is no movement for more than five minutes, the unit will automatically power down so as not to drain unnecessary power.

A G-Paws website has been set up as a social networking platform which lets you to create a profile for your pet, upload their excursions and even share with your friends. All adventures are shown on a Bing map and you can switch between aerial view or street level mapping.

Product Features

  • Satellite tracking for your pets
  • Easily clips onto collars
  • Perfect for dogs, cats and even ferrets!
  • High sensitivity multi-channel GPS chip
  • Motion sensor – powers down after five minutes being stationary
  • Charge and upload via USB cable provided
  • Record, view and share your pets adventures
  • Free G-Paws profile
  • Lightweight and weatherproof
  • Up to 8 hours recording time
  • Four hours charging time
  • Capacity to hold hundreds of journeys
  • New journeys automatically overwrite the oldest
  • View adventures on gpaws.com
  • Share adventures with friends
  • Two soft silicone sleeves included
  • Weighs approx. 11 grams
  • Measures approx. 4cm x 2cm x 1cm


  • 1 x G-Paws pet GPS tracker
  • 2 x Soft silicone sleeves
  • 1 x USB charging cable

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