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Product Description

Buy any two VR Glasses for £30!

In this modern era, Virtual Reality is something we hear of almost every day. We have all seen the rich kids on the internet with their ridiculously priced goggles on but all we get to see is their reaction. We don’t get to see the actual VR that is going on, all we see is some geezer with comically large spectacles. Well now it’s finally to our time to see all that lies beneath those goggles with the amazing and much more reasonably priced Vizor VR Glasses!

The Vizor VR Glasses take you away from the humdrumness of your own life and allow you to find yourself in a completely different place, or world! All of this travel from the comfort of your own home. Immerse yourself in a virtual world, kick back and watch 3D movies and play intuitive games all through this one piece of technology. Don’t worry, because all of this fun is super easy to set up and can be easily done within a few minutes. Simply install one of hundreds of VR apps for your phone, place your device into the grip and pop on the headset. Escape from that boring wait at train and jump into a high speed rollercoaster or a town filled with dinosaurs!

360° content powered by the gyroscope in your phone allows you to really check out your new virtual reality surroundings. Look up, down and in any other direction to get the full experience. The adjustable head strap allows for heads of all shapes and sizes and the adjustable lens lets you get the best look at your new digital landscape. 

Product Features

  • Step into a new virtual world!
  • Compatible with most smartphones (Android and iPhone)
  • 360° head tracking - view the VR world from any angle
  • Watch 3D movies (search for side by side 3D on YouTube)
  • Play VR games
  • Ultra wide vision
  • Adjustable lens for optimal viewing
  • Face contact foam for a comfortable fit
  • Adjustable head straps
  • Adjustable and secure phone grip
  • Free and paid for apps are available on Google Play and the App Store
  • Measures approx. 16cm x 10cm x 10cm

Technical Specifications

  • Compatible with Apple and Android phones – maximum device size – 8.2cm x 15.4cm


  • 1 x Vizor Virtual Reality Headset
  • 1 x Microfibre lens cloth
  • 1 x Manual

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great gift - Review by richard

Fantastic price of kit loads of apps to use and YouTube compatible and a great price

vr - Review by nathan

This is great but one problem. I think its cause of my phone but i cant look to my left or right....just up and down....

ace - Review by trevor

Just got one wow love it and it realy works good price aswell c you in 3d land happy new year .

Cool - Review by BuzzFeed

Very good! Good present only bad thing is sometimes eyes can't focus and get a little blurry but other than that very good!

Impressive device - Review by Graham

This is a mechanical device with a couple of lens. You fit your smartphone into it and having downloaded a vizor app (and there are increasing numbers - mainly free for Android and IPhone) you view that app through the machine. It provides a 3D view and also a virtual reality view through the smartphone accelerometer. What is impressive is how the apps utilise the capabilities of the phone. Well worth the investment to sample what VR can give!!

Amazing! - Review by Chris

This really rocks!
Get ready to jump into a new 3D world with this great product!
You’ll get a full immersive experience, from adventure to horror, from vids to movies, anything you can download.
The head straps are comfortable, the set is light, just download the App and you won't be able to put this thing down!!