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Product Description

As the British summer is quickly approaching it’s time to get in the mood for it, and there’s nothing like sunbathing in the back garden, with the barbeque on and the kids having a good old fashioned water fight. Whether its water balloons, or just hopping over the sprinkler – us Brits love getting soaked in the sunshine. If the average water pistols have become a bit tame for your taste buds and you’d prefer something with more of a kick, the Giant Water Cannon is an excellent way to dampen the hottest of days.

The Giant Water Cannon includes a tripod to use as a ‘Tommy gun’ but don’t fret thinking you can’t run around with it as it can be taken off it's stand for a good hunt down, and since its attached to the hose pipe, there’s no need to worry about running out of ammo, unless someone turns off the tap… Even the best enemies can’t outrun this line of fire and will end up drenched in defeat. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Product Features

  • Giant water cannon with tripod
  • Fires up to 100ft!
  • Pivot and shoot
  • Adjustable legs to create different heights
  • Hose attachment for never ending ammunition
  • Removable from tripod for free roaming fun
  • Measures approx. 110cm x 63cm

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Summer is here ! - Review by Eddie

Cant wait to use this in the summer.Ive seen my friends working and its brilliant.