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Samurais are the slickest, fastest, and cleverest fighters out there. By using ancient techniques and following the code of the Bushido they have impressed everyone with their abilities. Many of us idolize their talent and long to be just like them and that time has finally arrived.

The Samurai Umbrella is the key piece to all wardrobes, ideal for Ninjas, noble Warriors and Kung Fu lovers everywhere. This is no ordinary brolly as it features a beautifully detailed handle crafted like a Samurais hilt, cool enough to make even Beatrix Kiddo jealous!

It comes complete with a shoulder mounted nylon scabbard, so getting your umbrella out has never been such great fun. Simply press the button and your sword turns into a magical rain shield, protecting you from the evil forces of nature. Well maybe not magical, but definitely awesome. 

Product Features

  • Samurai themed umbrella
  • Beautifully detailed hilt
  • Shoulder mounted nylon scabbard
  • Push button release
  • Measures approx. 95cm x 100cm (diameter)


  • 1 x Samurai Umbrella
  • 1 x Shoulder strap
  • 1 x Nylon sleeve

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Wow!! - Review by Emma

I bought this for my friends birthday. I thought she would hate it and not know what to say. She absolutely loved it and did 'Kill Bill" all round the house for the next hour. Great gift, lol.

So cool - Review by Mina

Love this brolly! Usually I really hate carrying umbrellas around but the shoulder strap on this one makes me feel totally cool and keeps it out of the way :D

cool, but not great in winds - Review by Lewis

bought this product a couple of days ago, took it to work at the olympics, got a few odd looks from the security team. took it out in the wind and almost instantly the metal bars holding the umbrella up broke off completely. but otherwise it was a fully functioning umbrella that makes you feel like a baddass.