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The crossbow stealth is the ruthless big brother of the original crossbow and really packs a punch. The simple design of the crossbow keeps it looking it cool yet sleek and because it’s made from plastic, its super light and ridiculously easy to use. The dart tips have suction cups enabling them to stick to smooth flat surfaces.

Now you can reenact the Battle of Hastings (tip: don't volunteer to play the part of King Harold!) or play the part of the infamous Robin Hood.

And before you ask, we have no idea why they called it stealth either!

Complete with 12 suction cup darts ready for any attack.

Test your skills with the Crossbow Target 400!

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Product Features

  • Made by Petron
  • Comes with 12 suction cup darts
  • More powerful than its predecessor
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Surprisingly accurate
  • Measures approx. 56cm length

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Disappointing power and range - Review by Andy

From the previous reviews I was expecting something powerful but this falls way short - much like the darts when firing. I had a plastic crossbow when I was 8 that was bought from the local post office shop - it fired 6 inch plastic bolts with similar rubber cups but I remember firing one straight up at a lamppost (about 5 metres) and it stuck to the bulb... for over a week! I fired the stealth crossbow 5 metres down my hallway at my front door (aiming above horizontal as the power is so low) and the darts rarely stick and when they do, not for long. Very very disappointed.

Update: The lack of power was due to the incorrectly fitted bow section – user error! I can now nail the bullseye on the target from over 6 metres away with ease! 5 stars!

RED5 says: “Hi there Andy, glad to hear you are happy with your Crossbow now :D”

Crossbow review - Review by Tim

I got this for Christmas, and its really good!

The darts have suckers on them, so I wet one and fired it at my window close range, BANG - it hit it so hard I thought it was going to go through. So I tried it from the other side of the room, and it still made a very satisfying boom!

It flies true - you can aim and hit a second bolt easily within an inch of the first even from a good distance away, with a bit of practice!

Not designed for shooting people, but even if you do, its stings no more than any of the guns which are designed for shooting people, and the plunger on the end of the darts makes it safe.

Overall, a great buy

RED5 says: “Hi there Tim, glad to hear you are having lots of fun with your Crossbow, although RED5 doesn't recommend shooting windows or people :)”

Great Present - Review by Cameron

Bought this for a friend who never knows what he wants and it went down a treat. Fires fast and true, sturdy construction and a load of fun at a good price. Would gladly recommend it to anyone!

Great product! - Review by Simon

Son tried it in the shop and loved it. Had it for Xmas and uses it daily.

Great Product! - Review by Simon

My son tried this in the Birmingham store and loved it.
He was delighted to get it Christmas Day and has used it daily since.

Great Present - Review by Karl

My son loved this crossbow, for a toy it really has got a bit of power to it. Easy to put together and the main body of the bow is very solid, the bow is made from steel so a good sturdy toy. I would have given it 5 stars but the sight on the end of the bow falls off easily if knocked, but is easily fixed with a touch of superglue. All in after the superglue a definite 5 star toy.

great present - Review by richard

Accurate and great fun, kept us all entertained for hours over the Xmas period :)

Great pressie! - Review by M

Bought this for my 10 year old son for his Christmas - he loves it! His twin brother loves it too who got the archery set instead - might need to swap his archery set for the crossbow set! Thanks RED5 for such great stuff!

Great present - Review by lindsey

Awesome present gave to two boys for Christmas but me and my friends all had a go. Loses one star as should come with a better target included.

Excellent Present - Review by Lisa

We bought this for my nephew, he absolutely loves it, so does his dad lol, they can't believe how powerful it is. Great price too x

Great fun - Review by Lisa

Got the boyfriend this for Xmas. He loves it. Great buy. One niggle though is that the darts don't stick to the wall when you shoot it. That's all. Other than that it's great.

amazing!! - Review by kaid

why be Robin Hood with the crossbow when you can be CHUCK NORRIS with stealth crossbow!

Splendid! - Review by Igor

This is an excellent product. It packs far more of a punch than I had at first suspected and covers a great range. It is also buit so solidly that I'm convinced it will still be around even when Channel 4 have given up on Friends, Hover cars have been confined to museums and we have a Liberal Democrat government in power. Although this may detract from its appeal amoungst environmentalists.

In short,

You should buy this product immediately if you are in the market for a toy crossbow. It will not disappoint.

Igor II

I am Robin Hood - Review by Jon

To The Trees!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sherriff of Nottingham will never see you coming with this stealth crossbow

Accurate, Powerful, Deadly

I think I might be Robin Hood? yep I'm defo Robin Hood!

RED5 says: "Don't forget though, shooting people or animals is not recommended, even for Robin Hood ;)"

Amazing - Review by Pete

Amazing- I am so impressed! Fast and accurate! Well worth the extra few quid that you'd pay for the original yellow one!

Powerfull - Review by Edmund

I received this super fast THANK YOU!
My son loves this and it shoots really far,i have to avoid him because he uses me as a target HELP!!!!
The Crossbow came with lots of darts so there wont be a shortage if any were misplaced outside.

Ninja with a Crossbow - Review by EmilyNeeds

im a Ninja and as such i hide in the shadows. now i have a weapon to match my Ninjaness and with 12 darts i also have loads of ammo :) Ninja On

Wow - Review by David

I already have the original Crossbow but this Stealth crossbow is amazing!

The power is immense, also to include 12 darts too is an extra cool touch.

the amazing stealth crossbow - Review by crossbow

I bought the stealth crossbow and think it a amazing ingenious product. it is a good way to teach children about the history and wars that happened in early england example the battle of hastings. i think it has the perfect desingn and is light weight and easy to use. i strongly recommend this product to people who like firing things because you will have hours of fun with this product.
Overall its a gteat product and i hope to see more of these in the future