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Product Description

Chess. It’s pretty famous. Not to mention pretty darn fun. So pay attention all you wannabe Grandmasters, champions and strategic wizards, the time has come for you to let your talents shine in glorious glassy wondrousness.

Mixing a combination of frosted and clear glass pieces (you’ve probably just decided which one you want to be) this set puts an ice cool twist on a traditional wooden chess set. Possibly the most well known two-player strategic board game ever, this set features the traditional 64 square layout with a new contemporary edge. So when you’re not trying to prove how ridiculously brilliant you are, this gorgeous board can make an attractive centrepiece around your home. The Glass Chess Set chessboard even has some lovely spongy rubber feet, keeping all your surfaces and the chess board scratch free and tickety boo.

So put on your clever cap, stretch out your digits and get ready for some serious checkmating. 

Product Features

  • Become a chess Grandmaster
  • Frosted and clear glass pieces
  • Glass chessboard with rubber feet
  • Makes a stunning centrepiece
  • Classic 64 board and 32-piece set
  • Measures approx. 34cm x 34cm 

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