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If you’re more of a night owl than a day time lover then you’ve probably already heard your mum tell you those all-important words ‘be safe - be seen’. She means well but clearly doesn’t have a clue about trends. We want high fashion not high visibility jackets!  Fortunately, you can accessorize your own stylish clothes with the Glow Tape.  This roll of sticky glowing safety can be stuck to any fabric from lycra to leather without ruining the design or your street cred.

The Glow Tape allows everything to be seen in the dark, even the dog if you feel that way inclined! The roll contains five metres of photoluminous adhesive tape which can be used for hundreds of different uses. Apply to clothing, tents, skateboards, shoes, Frisbees, bikes, key rings, pretty much anything you want to see clearly at night. You can easily apply this tape to any dry, grease free surface and after just a few hours in the sun the tape will glow brightly for up to five hours.  This super visible tape is great for runners, dog walkers, safety proud fashionistas and generally people who love life after the sun goes down.

Product Features

  • Bright photoluminous adhesive tape
  • Photoluminous yellow tape
  • 5 metre roll
  • Few hours in sun gives up to 5 hours of glowing brightly
  • Apply to any dry and grease free surface
  • Be seen clearly at night

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