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Glowing Braided Cables iOS

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Product Description

We’ve all been there, fumbling around after dark to try and put our device on charge. If you hear the dreaded low battery sound, it’s not always easy to get your phone or tablet charging without disturbing everyone around.

Luckily, the clever folks at Crazy Cables have created these fabulous Light-Up LED Glowing Braided Cables iOS to fix that problem for good. Use with a plug charger or in a USB port and attach to any one of your Apple devices. The cable then lights up at each end, illuminated with a soothing sequence of colours.

These cables are far snazzier than your average, shamelessly flaunting a gorgeous durable fabric pink braded design and bejewelled light inserts. Pretty fancy. With a 100cm cable length as well as hi speed connection, there’s no better way to jazz up your charging.

Suitable for any Lightning port device including: iPhone 6, iPhone6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPod Nano 7th Gen, iPod Touch 5th Gen, iPad Mini, iPad 4th Gen and iPad Air.

Product Features

  • Illuminate your charger to see in the dark
  • Light-Up LEDs sequence through a spectrum of colours
  • Suitable for use with Lightning Port devices
  • Cable is covered with an attractive durable fabric jacket
  • Measures an impressive 100cm
  • Hi speed charge USB charger

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