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Hand Boiler

AKA The Love Meter

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Product Description

Would you describe yourself as a passionate person full of fire and excitement, or do you have as much heat in your soul as a bowl of frozen yoghurt? However you fit on the passion scale, the Hand Boiler will be able to tell if you’re hot or not in an instant.

Rumour has it, that the Hand Boiler is a love-o-meter and will measure the passion you have within you. To test yourself, all you need to do is gently grasp on to the bottom of the glass and see if you can get the liquid moving. If you manage to get the liquid bubbling at the top then you are clearly full of passion and if you don’t then… well, we’re sorry to hear that. Some people may say that the reaction is just a result of Charles’ law but what do they know. If you want to believe that a gas’ volume is proportional to its absolute temperature then sure, believe what you will.

With four different designs each featuring a different coloured liquid, the Hand Boilers are a sure fire way to test your inner flame, or science knowledge.

Due to the nature of how we receive these, we can't offer a choice of style or colour. Therefore, the style will be chosen at random.

Product Features

  • Engaging science desk toy
  • Also known as the Love Meter
  • Hold gently to make the liquid shoot up the glass
  • See if you can get the liquid to ‘boil’ at the top
  • Ideal display of Charles’ Law
  • Improve your science knowledge  
  • Made with thin glass so handle with care
  • Four glass designs with different colours
  • Measures approx. 17cm x 4cm x 4cm

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