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Soaps are so boring, we can’t bear to see yet another bar sat next to your basin or on the side of your bath. Liven up your bathrooms with this Hand Soap.

Unlike most hand soaps that come in a pump bottle (dull) or a standard bar (even duller!) this hand soap is shaped just like a real human hand. What better to wash your hands with than another hand?! This great novelty gift looks exactly like a hand, so much so that you may be tempted to clip its fingernails after a while. Perfect for getting in all those nooks and crannies your body likes to collect dirt in, this soap lathers up nicely with a lovely musk scent. Give yourself a helping hand in the shower or tub with this silly yet very appropriate Hand Soap.

Product Features

  • Novelty Soap bar
  • Looks just like a human hand
  • Freak out your guests
  • Musk scented
  • Soap measures approx. 12cm x 6cm x 2cm

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