Handbow Stealth

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Handbow Stealth

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Product Description

After witnessing the hype that was created for the Crossbow and Crossbow Stealth we thought we would invest a little more into our weaponry department.

Introducing the Handbow Stealth, the most compact of all our bows, yet doesn’t compromise on power or accuracy. Open the box and after only a few clicks and snaps later you have built your weapon, complete with a dart holder on the undercarriage and 12 sucker darts ready to be propelled through the air with speed. The Handbow is suitable for indoor and outdoor use but as most mums would agree, outdoors is probably the best choice. The well-built and robust design allows for some tough cookie battling, jumping out of trees and the secret ambushing during hard-core skirmishes with a massive firing range of up to 24 feet, about the same length as your standard bus.

As it’s from Petron, you know that you have been guaranteed quality with a heap load of fun! Flip the box over and you’ll find a target has already been drawn out for you, ready for you to hit the all-important bull’s-eye.

Product Features

  • Complete Handbow set
  • From Petron – well-known archery company
  • Well-built and robust design
  • 12 sucker darts included
  • Dart holder on the Handbow
  • Fires up to 24 feet/8 metres
  • Target printed on the rear of box

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Great Pressie! - Review by M

Bought this for my 10 year old son's Christmas and he loves it! (He prefers it to the Stealth Archery set which his twin brother got!). It's easy to load, aim and fire. Comes with 12 suckered firing thingies (darts?). Thanks RED5.