Hexbug Nano Battle Bridge

The ultimate nano battle arena

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Product Description

Hexbug Nano Battle Bridge is the ultimate fighting arena for your Hexbug Nano. Which insect will be victorious as they perilously head-butt and push each other out, high up in the battle area! Nanos enter the battleground through one way gates to fight it out until there is only one left standing.

Don't worry if this is your first collection as each set comes with one black and one white extremely rare Nano mutation. If you already have a habitat set you can use them together to create an even bigger environment!

Each Battle Bridge Habitat set comes with 29 easy to connect pieces so you can create and re-create as often as you want. Why not invite your friends over to battle it out and see who will be victorious. Round one, fiiiiight!

Product Features

  • Watch your Nanos battle it out on the bridge!
  • 2 Extremely rare nano mutations included
  • Connects with all Hexbug Nano Habitat environments
  • 29 Easy to connect pieces
  • Easy-connect stand-offs are included in the set so you can create multiple levels
  • Arena doors provide one-way access for controlled traffic

Technical Specifications

  • 1 x LR44 cell battery per Hexbug Nano (included)


  • 2 x rare Hexbug Nanos
  • 4 x hexagon cells
  • 2 x straight tracks
  • 4 x curved tracks
  • 16 x elevation
  • 1 x battle bridge

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