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Hexbug Nano V2 Hurricane Set

Dive into a black hole!

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Product Description

What’s the point in having a vertically climbing Hexbug Nano V2 if you don’t have a set to show how super awesome it is!? The Hurricane set allows your latest Hexbug to climb vertically and horizontally around the set and play on the two platforms. Attach the Black Hole funnel and watch as your bugs dramatically fall through, eventually self-righting themselves and emerging from 1 of 3 exits at the bottom.  Each part can be connected to one another, cell to cell, tube to cell and tube to tube. All the tubes are tight, strong and transparent so the audience can still see the bugs buzzing around and speeding past each other. Thus making the sets completely customisable as you can design the layout and attach more and more pieces to get the metropolis bug centre you have dreamed of.

With plenty of connecting pieces to make your tracks, the Hurricane Set has vertical climbs, two platforms with removable walls and gates, pegs and rotating flags to send your Hexbug Nano V2 off in several directions and of course, the scary looking black hole!

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Product Features

  • Playset for the Nano V2’s
  • Customize design and layout to suit
  • Multi-storey fun
  • Nano will flip over when on their backs
  • Unleash child’s creativity
  • Bugs free fall through the ‘black hole’


  • 1 x Hexbug Nano V2
  • 1 x Black Hole funnel
  • 3 x Straight tubes
  • 9 x Curved tubes
  • 2 x Curved ‘Y’ tubes
  • 19 x Connectors
  • 6 x Stand offs
  • 2 x Hex cell bases with removable walls and gates
  • 4 x Curved tracks
  • 4 x fixed pegs
  • 2 x rotating flags
  • 1 x AG13 Battery

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A Winner! - Review by BARBARA

This gadget has kept my grandson of six years amused for hours taking it apart and reassembling it. It seems his imagination knows no bounds while playing with it.