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Micro robotic insects

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Product Description

The Hexbug Nano are the smallest, most tactile in the Hexbug range and have certainly captured the imagination of everyone at RED5 head quarters! They are the tiniest Hexbug yet and their incredible movement will have you reaching for the bug spray! As soon as you switch on the micro insects, they immediately spring into life, scurrying across the floor or table top. Don't worry about them getting stuck either as they have a self righting mechanism that lets them move in any direction and will flip them back onto their 12 (yes 12!) legs if they happen to roll over.

Although aimed towards the younger generation, they have made their way on to most of our office desktops, as they are ideal stress busters and perfect to play with when the monotony of work takes over!

The Hexbug Nano is great on its own, but when you collect enough for your very own swarm is when they truly become amazing! Check out the video to see them in action!

Product Video

Product Features

  • Micro robotic bugs
  • Check out the habitat environments
  • Realistic insect-like movement!
  • Self righting mechanism
  • Batteries included
  • Each bug measures 4cm x 1cm x 1.5cm (or in other words it will rest on your finger tip!)

Technical Specifications

  • 1 x LR44 battery (included)

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a fantatic little creature... - Review by Jackie

Great little bug, i love that you can collect tracks and build them up creating a mega bug world. I got one for my cat and she loves chasing this around my living room, as do my little cousins when they come around to play as they think its real :)

Excellent Present - Review by Tim

Both my kids loved getting their Hexbugs. My youngest loved his so much he ate the legs off it which may be going a bit far.