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Hot-Pot BBQ

A BBQ in disguise

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Product Description

Take a moment to imagine the scene - it's a hot summer's day and you're standing outside, the sweet smell of BBQ wafts under your nose and now nothing else can satisfy that sausage craving apart from some overcooked meat. You look around but there's not a BBQ in sight....or is there!?

The Hot-Pot BBQ will hide incognito all year round as just an average terracotta plant pot, casually growing some herbs or pretty flowers and patiently waiting for summer to come around once again. Once the temperatures reach their peak, we're ready for business! 

Let's be honest now, the BBQ, although a useful beast, isn't very attractive to look at when it's raining outside. True, you could hide it away in your shed but then it gets all spidery and no one wants to claim a BBQ back once their 8 legs have been crawling all over it! Cobwebs and dust just aren't very tasty either. The Hot-Pot BBQ will fix all these problems as it's high quality design will be a joy to look at all year round.

The set comes in three basic parts; the top part is used to conceal the barbeque and is the perfect place to grow herbs that will eventually be used to season the burgers on the grill just underneath. Secondly, the heat insulating ceramic coated steel wraps around the stainless steel inox grill and the third section holds the charcoal and fire.

This is the ideal BBQ for small yards, balconies and gardens and still looks great even when it’s not being used.

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Product Features

  • BBQ and herb garden in one
  • Pot cunningly disguises BBQ
  • Plain terracotta plant pot design
  • Super high quality!
  • Grow herbs on top
  • Heat insulating ceramic coated
  • Stainless steel inox grill
  • Ideal for places with restricted space
  • Includes stainless steel tongs
  • 29cm (diameter) cooking area
  • Measures approx. 37cm x 27cm

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No keys here. - Review by James

Gone are the days when I hid my spare key in a plant pot (for those of you who still do, don't. It's really not a good idea any more!); now I have a BBQ in there! I can only imagine the perplexed expressions on the faces of burglars as they search, in vain, under my plant pots, for keys, only to find BBQs.
This is a great product, and keeps my garden looking neat and tidy, and allows me to grow herbs at the same time.
My only criticism is that I found it slightly too small for my I bought another one, and now there's lovely symmetry in my garden!