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We’re starting to think that the ancient Egyptians were definitely on to something when they came up with hieroglyphics. It seems to make a tonne of sense to have creative and cool pictures to describe everything than silly old fusty letters and words and shiz. But just like silly old letters and words, you still have to learn what all the pictures mean, and how best to use them.

So in the age of emojis, you need to get up to speed with the lingo! Luckily some very clever sausage has come up with the practical and fun solution to learning the world of the emoticon.

Brimming with helpful chapters all about basic conversation, idioms, food and drink and many more, the How to Speak Emoji Book will hold your hand through the pictorial landscape ahead, giving you everything you need to communicate like a 21st century a pro. 

Product Features

  • Learn to speak like a true 21st century kid
  • Useful phrases and handy dictionary
  • Helpful chapters to help guide you through all modern situations
  • Is it poop or an ice cream? This book will help you find out!
  • Helps you to become fluent in pictorial form
  • 128 pages of goodness
  • Measures approx. 18cm x 13cm x 2cm

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