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There have been many times we wished we were Han Solo. Cool spaceship (whatever Luke says), living on the wrong side of the law and travelling the galaxy with warrior, co-pilot and all round rebel Chewbacca.

So like Han, if you ever find yourself in the company of Chewie, or any of his Kashyyyk brethren, it's best to avoid a misunderstanding with these short tempered giants (anything to avoid a misunderstanding which may result in you losing an arm or two). With a brand new language to learn, this book is the best place to get started. To get you well prepared for your next Wookiee encounter, the How to Speak Wookiee book will give you everything you need to know, including key phrases and correct pronunciation, to keep these furry friends in favour! You even get a Wookiee sound toy with every phrase captured on it to help you really perfect your Kashyyyk chat. Now all you need is to learn how to lose at holo-chess!

Product Features

  • How to Speak Wookiee book
  • Official Star Wars product
  • Wookiee sound toy provides correct pronunciation
  • All the key phrases you need for a Wookiee encounter
  • Hardback
  • Measures approx. 21cm x 17cm x 2cm

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