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Product Description

If chameleons were cool glowing robots powered by batteries, they would look like Huey the Colour-copying Chameleon Lamp. Huey is an electronic glowing version of a real chameleon. Instead of changing the pigment of his skin, this clever lizard glows the same colour as whatever object you place him on.

Find a colour that takes your fancy? Squeeze Huey and he pauses on that colour. He can also obediently cycle through a range of colours, becoming the perfect electronic reptile-based mood light!

Not only is Huey fun, the technology inside him is super high-tech. He works by using a single white LED and a sophisticated optical sensor to determine the colour beneath him, then accurately reproduces it with the help of numerous multi-coloured LEDs. This technology is used scientific measuring devices and was previously far too expensive for consumer products! Now this tech has come down in price we’re pleased to see it being put to good use!

Product Features

  • Electronic glowing chameleon
  • Clever mood light copies the colour he sits on
  • Squeeze him to pause on the current colour
  • Colour cycle mode phases through colours automatically
  • Battery powered
  • Measures approx. 18cm x 10.5cm x 8cm

Technical Specifications

  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)


  • 1 x chameleon

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Brilliant - Review by Helen

i love these, such a good idea, just wish i could get hold of one, when will they be back in stock?!

RED5 says: "Sadly this item is now discontinued so we won't be getting any more in :("