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Hulk Shaped Mug

You wouldn’t like me when I’m thirsty

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Product Description

Step away from the gamma bomb experiment because things are about to get angry in here!

If ever there was a mug that perfectly represented anger it’s the Hulk Shaped Mug. Shaped like the clenched fist of the emotionally unstable superhero, this mug is bound to leave a trail of smashed up biscuits and dreams of a quiet day in the physics lab in its wake.

When the angry Bruce Banner starts to turn on whoever comes into his path, be it his Avengers work buddies or his ultimate rival The Abomination, you need to be well equipped with something as equally strong and green to demonstrate your power! So if you’re trying to get a little leverage down at the lab, or need to show your dominance to your work buddies, then we can think of no better way of (not so) subtly asserting yourself through your beverage holding choice!

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Product Features

  • Just as incredible as the Hulk
  • Fist shaped drinking vestibule
  • Perfect for a strong cuppa
  • Your friends will be green will envy
  • Officially licensed mug
  • From the popular Marvel franchise

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