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Retro gaming for iPhones

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Product Description

There’s no doubt about it, people love gaming. Ever since the early 70’s we’ve been saving our pocket money to battle against invading aliens, racing on perilous roads, and KO’ing our enemies with a perfectly timed hadouken! As good as modern day consoles are nothing quite beats the feel of a retro joystick in your hand combined with a good old session of button bashing!

Now you can relive the golden age of arcade history in the comfort of our own home thanks to the Arcadie. These super cute and extra awesome desktop arcade machines are actually docks for your iPhone and iPod Touch that have specially designed retro games for your playing pleasure! Open the back door and you will find your iPhone or iPod touch fits in perfectly. Close it back up and you’re ready for the gaming experience you have missed so dearly over the years.

With the use of an 8 way joystick and two buttons, you can easily take control and save the earth from those darn aliens and other fiends. There’s no high tech infrared circuit, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or batteries used just plug and play technology.


Product Features

  • Plug and play feature
  • No batteries, Wifi, or Bluetooth required
  • 8 way joystick control interface
  • Dual action buttons
  • Scaled to arcade screen size
  • Available games - Blasteroids, Alien Invaders, Ping, Stacker, Planet Defender and Invaders
  • Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4,iPhone 4S & iPod Touch v3
  • Measures approximately 9cm x 14cm x 8cm

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Arcadie - Review by Jake

Arcadie machine is great. I use mine with an iPhone 4 and it works really well! All you do is search 'Arcadie' in the app store (the apps are free of course!) and you just load the app while your device is plugged into Arcadie. It auto calibrates to make the joystick and buttons work for your device. My favourite game is Blastroids!

I love how portable the Arcadie is as it uses no batteries or mains power what so ever! There's just a dock inside the phone slot so it just uses your phone power! I love this Arcadie and it is a definite 5 stars and would recommend to anyone! Thanks once again RED5!