Ice Rocket Lolly Making Kit

Treat minus, 5,4,3,2,1....

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Product Description

Captain's log, stardate 020212. We’ve landed on a barren planet, no signs of life and the heat is unbearable. Luckily Dave from engineering has beamed down some ice rocket lollies! He got an Ice Rocket Lolly Making Kit from RED5 on Earth and packet it for such occasions. You can fill it with whatever juicy goodness you like, pop it in a freezer and wait for it to do its thing! When frozen you have your very own, yummy rocket, complete with fiery trail. All you then have to do is make the rocket blast off noise!

If you are encouraging kids not to play with their food, then this is probably not the right product for you. However, if you are looking for a way to sneakily get some fruit into your kids diet (try freezing smoothies for example) and giving them an extra special treat, then the rocket lollies are perfect!

Product Features

  • Make cool rocket shaped ice lollies
  • 2 Rocket moulds included
  • Freezing smoothies can help towards your '5-a-day'
  • Fun for kids 

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Cosmically Cool - Review by stuart

These are cool lollies in space. Buzz Aldrin would love a lick of these whilst walking on the moon. We flavour ours with fresh orange juice and blackcurrent then dip them in space dust.