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For fat-finger-itus

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Product Description

Touch screens have led to an increased awareness of fat-finger-itus. Its is a debilitating condition that can render the use of smarts phones to be a wholy frustrating experience. Coupled with greasy-finger-itus it can become a complete misery, when all you want you want to do is like the funny cat picture on facebook. Thankfully the iDoodle can eradicate both in an instant!

The iDoodle stylus is great for drawing apps on capacitive and resistive touch screen phones and tablets. Just like any other stylus, this retro pencil design has an electro conductive rubber tip which is perfect for drawing with. It has a detachable keychain so you can hook it up to your keys, allowing you to doodle here, there and everywhere. Perfect for keeping your screen fabulously clean by saving it from sticky, greasy fingers, smudging all over it.

Product Features

  • Retro pencil stylus
  • Electro conductive rubber tip
  • Detachable keychain
  • Saves your screen from unsightly smears and smudges
  • Drastically improves your drawing skills

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Doodle Doodle Doo!! - Review by Flick

This is so great. My drawing is normally pants. Wow this is fun to use. I use it for my drawing app AND I can use it for my keyboard - whatever! No more fat finger syndrome.
It even looks like the pencil depicted on my drawing app - cool must have :-0 Flick