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There are some inventions in the world that we thought couldn’t get any better. Like the kettle for example, its only need is to boil water and it has been doing this spectacularly for years. Now, the kettle has finally joined us in the 21st century!

The iKettle is a giant leap in water boiling technology. The UK is known for its love of brews so having a helping hand in the kitchen is just what we need. Using the iKettles built in wi-fi, you can start boiling your kettle from anywhere in the house. With the iKettle app, you will save up to two days a year pre-boiling your kettle! Not only can it boil the water for you, but it will also notify you when it’s ready to pour, needs refilling and when it’s empty. A selection of different temperatures allows you to make your hot drink the way it should be as not all beverages need piping hot water. No one wants a burnt green tea!

Wake up mode: There’s nothing like a cup of coffee first thing in the morning and the iKettle will make sure the water is ready for you every day. The app allows you to set a wake up alarm for your iKettle which will trigger the kettle to start boiling on request. “Good morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on? Yes or no”. Once the water is boiled, the clever kettle will ask if you are ready or if it should keep the water warm. The warm feature will keep the water heated for up to half an hour, making sure that your morning coffee is ready whenever you are.

Welcome home mode: Not only is it ready for you in the mornings but also when you return home from work. The iKettle application will know when you arrive home and will have pre-boiled water ready and waiting. If you know that you like a brew after the soaps have finished, you can set a trigger to remind the kettle to boil before the ad breaks so you don’t miss a second of telly.

Game mode: End the tiresome arguments of who is the best tea maker in the house or office with the iKettle leader board. Multiple devices can be connected to the iKettle so you can set up your own tea rota. With every coffee or tea that is brought to you, you can rate it to see who is the best and worst and even share the data on social networking sites.

All of this clever kettle technology comes in a stylish element less design – made from pure grade stainless steel with a soft touch handle and built in lime scale filter.

Product Features

  • Smart Wi-Fi kettle
  • Control your kettle via your phone
  • Knows when you are ready
  • Connect to multiple devices
  • Set alarm to awake your kettle and self
  • Keeps water warm for half an hour if you’re not ready
  • Pre boils for when you arrive home
  • Easy one touch set up
  • Four temperature settings
  • Auto shut off with boil dry protection
  • Cordless with 360° rotation
  • Made from pure grade stainless steel
  • Soft touch handle
  • Built in lime scale filter
  • LED backlit control panel
  • Water level indicator
  • Capacity approx. 1.8 litres
  • Measures approx. 22cm x 18cm x 18cm

Technical Specifications


  • 65°C – green teas
  • 80°C – white teas
  • 95°C – black and oolong teas
  • 100°C – herbal teas


  • Wireless 802.11b/gx
  • WPA/WPA2
  • Compatible with Android 4+ and Apple iOS7+
  • Requires a 2.4GHz router


  • Standard 3 pin UK plug
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power input: 1850-2200X


  • 1 x iKettle
  • 1 x WiFi base unit
  • 1 x Instructions manual

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