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Secret portable safe

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Product Description

We are all aware that when you park your ride you want to keep your precious belongings safe and out of the way of car thieves. However, we always seem to put things in the glove boxes thinking ‘Hahaha! You’ll never find this! I'll put it in this very secretive cupboard.’ 

If only there was a place we could hide our sat navs, mp3 players, streo fascia etc where even the smartest of tea leafs would never think to look. Luckily for us there's the In-Car-Nito!

On the surface, it’s just a vintage book about driving. Casually sitting there looking old and worthless....but wait a second, that’s not a book!! No it is not, it is in fact a handy storage box to keep all your lovely gadgetry and prized possessions. Its so inconspicuous you could leave it out on the back seat and no one would give it a second glance. Protected from all five finger discounts, the In-car-nito keeps belongings incognito!

Product Features

  • Safe cleverly disguised as a book
  • Perfect for stashing car accessories eg. Sat-nav, iPod etc.
  • Sturdy but lightweight

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