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Indoor Booma

Soft foam Boomerang

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Product Description

The Boomerang is a harsh wooden throwing object famously used by Australian aboriginals to hunt wild game….. Thankfully this version is made of foam and will be used mostly to hunt awesome moments.

Introducing the Wicked Indoor Booma, the world’s best indoor boomerang! Made out of lightweight foam, this boomerang is completely safe for indoor use, although you can use it outside too. With a flight range of 4 – 6 metres, throw the Booma and watch it soar across the room. Designed for a guaranteed return and made from flexible foam, you can fine tune your flight settings to get the perfect throw. With some handy hints and tips from the guys at Wicked you will soon be handling your Booma like a pro!

Product Features

  • Made from lightweight 'memorang' foam
  • Flight range of 4-6 metres
  • Accurate return flights
  • Tune your flight
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • For Ages 3+

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amazing should buy - Review by kyle

bought this product for my little cousin today as he throws things across the room and he loves it.i bought it for his birthday and he has never stopped playing with it.
great cheap gift amazing value for money and works great!!!!!