V911 4 Channel Gyro RC Helicopter

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Product Description

We’ve spent a long time looking and finally we’ve found what we were looking for! Behold; the V911 is here and it’s ready to take you inside or outside for some ‘4 channel flight’ action. Forgive the drama but we’re quite excited as this little craft will take your piloting to the next level! 

If you’re looking for something more advanced than the standard Syma 107 or U4 helicopter then look no further. Although trickier to fly than its more basic cousins, it’s much more rewarding as it requires much finer control to fly. It’s perhaps not the helicopter to start with but if you’ve flown these craft before and you’re looking for an upgrade then the V911 is what you need.

This rc helicopter is the perfect introduction to 4 channel control (which means that you can now sidestep with ease, as well as all the directions you are used to). The upgrade to 4 channel flight means that not only can you control the pitch, yaw and height of the helicopter but you can also bank as well.

Most 4 channel, outdoor helicopters need you to have a brain the size of Russia in order to fly them (and a wallet to match) but not so with this fella. It’s well priced for its technical ability and the fact it can fly outdoors on a calm day is a bonus. The 2.4GHz controller means that you shouldn’t have interference issues like infra-red control and you can fly as many as you like in the air at the same time, unlike traditional radio remotes (you know, the ones with the telescopic aerials).

There’s some clever design features that we simply must tell you about before you decide though – not only is this fixed pitch a really simple design to repair but the elastic design makes it pretty durable although trees and walls are still best avoided ;) The left landing skid is also slightly higher than the right, making it easier to take off with a much more stable lift-off.

If you’ve never flown an RC Helicopter before then this little chopper might not be the best place to start, but if you’re looking to advance to an higher level, then you’ve come to the right place!


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Product Features

  • Super-stable single rotor indoor helicopter
  • Fly multiple helicopters in the same place, at the same time
  • Built in gyroscope stabiliser
  • Easy to fly 4-directional control
  • Gyroscope gives super stable indoor flight
  • Charges by USB or handset
  • Auto-protect feature prevents overcharging
  • Measures 23cm (l) x 9cm (h)
  • Main rotor measures 19cm in diameter
  • Suitable for ages 15+

Technical Specifications

  • Charge in 30 minutes via USB or handset to give 5-6 minutes of flight time (approx.)
  • Uses one 3.7v 120mAh Li-poly rechargeable battery (for helicopter)
  • Wireless 2.4GHz transmitter
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries



  • 1 x V911 helicopter
  • 2 x Li-poly batteries

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Great fun - Review by Barry

Never flown a helicopter before so it took me about 2 to 3 hours to set it up and fly it. Had quite a few mishaps but nothing broke, absolute brilliant fun now I have mastered the art of flying.
Then my grandson had a go at flying he has an infra red one, oh dear he managed to break it. Now the good part, one phone call to customer services and next day my parts arrive in the post.
These guys know what customer care is all about, quite rare these days. Good helicopter if you persevere, and with the backup from these guys you cant go wrong

awesome heli for the money - Review by les

I bought this heli as the next step in my adventure of being a r/c pilot after owning a u6 that I mastered. When I bought the v911 from meadowhall in Sheffield I was greeted by a lovely girl who told me that it takes a bit of getting used to but once you get used to it then it's great fun which it is!!! I also got replacement blades for the u6 and a new charger as my original had gone faulty. At this point I was expecting a hefty bill at this point she told me they were FREE!!!! After a week or so I needed replacement balance bar after a crash which they seem not to stock online but after calling the store they told me they would order me a replacement!!!!! Excellent customer service would highly recommend RED5 to anyone!!!!! As for the v911 cracking heli you won't be disappointed grab one now!!!!! 5 ***** all the way :-)

Simply brilliant! - Review by Mark

Having popped into the Derby store to pick up some new rotors for my U6 and having watched the promo video I decided to pick up one of these to fly while the U6 was charging. The guy in the shop was incredibly helpful and very knowledgable and gave me a few invaluable tips for migrating to the 4 channel controller.

After a couple of charges worth of left stick practice, I decided time for the right and WOW!!!! This thing is lightening fast, zipping in every direction and so much fun to fly! Definitely recommend anyone looking for something a little more challenging to go and get one of these beauties.

Great quality, great service. I'll definitely be back for more.

Fast - Review by Adam

Great chopper for more advanced fliers. Crashes well had it everywhere. Apart from when I flew it in to my dad's control for his and it snapped off the blade weight. Went to the shop and the guy at the shop basically told me to go away and come back another day....awful customer service in the Derby shop. Plus no spares online here, guess I'll have to go somewhere else to get help.

*********chopper 5 stars*********
customer service 1

RED5 says: “Hi Adam, sorry to hear about your experience in our Derby store, unfortunately not all of the stores have spares in stock for this model. Just get in touch with our Customer Services team and they can sort some spares for you.”

The Ultimate Micro 4CH RC Helicopter - Review by Jesse

The WL V911 is a 4Ch Fixed Pitch Indoor & Outdoor Micro RC Helicopter. It takes qualities from more professional helicopters, and incorporates them into a sleek, powerful design. In the box you will get a 2.4Ghz Transmitter, two spare main blades, a ready to fly V911, two batteries, a dual battery charger, a USB charging cable and Instructions.

The transmitter uses 2.4Ghz radio waves to control the helicopter. It is powered by 6 AA batteries, which should give about 15 hours of use. I recommend using 1.5 volt Alkaline Batteries for better performance and battery life. The transmitter replicates larger, more expensive transmitters, and will feel familiar in experienced pilots hands. It has 4 trim settings, hidden battery charging lead RED LED power indicator and a backlit LCD Screen. The sticks feel very comfortable to use and feel accurate and responsive whilst flying.

Now lets get onto the actual helicopter. The V911 features a full swash plate that is controlled by an elevator and aileron servo. The servo’s and swash plate are necessary for full 4-channel control, because they change the angle at which the blades spin, pushing the air and making the helicopter go in the desired direction. The helicopter is powered by a lithium polymer, 3.7 volt, 120Mah removable battery, which should give 5-6 minutes of flight time on a full charge, depending on your flying style. Having removable batteries is a great feature, as you can swap the two included batteries over, and get double the flight time. Charging can be done through a USB port, or through the transmitter. Charging two batteries at once can take up to 40 - 50 minutes from the battery’s fully depleted. I personally recommend charging through the USB, as you get a stronger, more consistent voltage that keeps the battery working at its best, but its still nice to have the facility to charge on the go with the transmitter.

Thanks to its light plastic landing skids, frame and tail boom, the helicopter is well protected. The canopy is very durable, and provides ample protection with no compromise on style. The blades are extremely impressive, even with their thin size they provide rock solid strength and do not suffer much, if at all damage if you crash. This helicopter tends to absorb impact and bounce instead of crash, which lowers the risk of any severe damage. It may feel fragile, but it’s unlikely that you will break this helicopter if you crash it a lot. This helicopter will take a beating, and still fly well afterwards.

Flying is smooth and stable, and the helicopter holds itself well whilst hovering in the air thanks to the inbuilt Gyro system. This helicopter is very fast and powerful, thanks to it’s large brushed motors on the tail and main gear. A very surprising feature is the inclusion of dual rates. Dual rates increases the length at which the servo’s can travel, increasing the angle of the blades therefore making it travel faster. There is a button on the top left of transmitter that enables Dual Rates. This is a feature found on very expensive helicopters, making this helicopter impressive to even the most professional flyers. We noticed that due to its small size and lightweight design, flying at full speed and making rapid maneuvers will change the air condition around the helicopter, causing it to wobble slightly. This helicopter also tends to drift to the left when taking off, because of the powerful tail motor pushing it. Good throttle control and some practice is advised before testing the helicopters full power, so you can get used to its characteristics.

The WL V911 is a great 4-channel helicopter, and I strongly recommend it to casual 3 and 3.5 channel pilots looking for a more challenging flying experience. For the great price, you get lots of features of more expensive 4 channel helicopters, in a much smaller size. It will be tougher for a total beginner to start flying with this helicopter, and is not recommended. It is a complex machine that requires confidence and skill to fly, and prior knowledge to flying greatly helps. 4-channel piloting adds a whole new dimension of control, but with gentle easing and practice, it will be a rewarding experience for anyone willing to master it.