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Induction Speaker

No wires. No cables. No fuss.

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Product Description

If you are looking for a portable speaker that doesn’t require a degree in Bluetooth technology or advanced networking then we strongly recommend the Induction Speaker. Simply place your music device on top and hey presto! It really is that simple.

The Induction Speaker is ideal for sharing music on the go without any wires, connecting, mains plugs or docking. Place your phone on top of the speaker, and by using the latest in Near Field Audio technology you will receive a crystal clear sound emitting from the device. Even if you have a case or cover on your phone, you can still enjoy high clarity music on the go at a surprising volume.

So simple to use even your grandparents won’t get confused (much).

Product Features

  • Portable wire free speaker
  • Works with all devices with a working speaker
  • No wires, plugs, docking, or cables
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Place phone on speaker to emit high quality sounds
  • Works even with phone case on
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries
  • Measures 16cm x 7cm x 4cm

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Not compatible with iphone6 - Review by Elizabeth

Does not work with iphone6 in any position. Flickering noise and high amount of base and distortion. Works with nexus 5x. Shame.

not suitable for iphone6 - Review by Joanne

Bought 2 of these for my children for Xmas. One has an iPhone 5s and the speaker is great for this. The other has an iPhone 6 and the speaker is awful for this phone. It does amplify the sound but it is distorted and un-listenable to. The speaker isn't faulty as I tried both phones on both speakers. So it is just incompatible with the iPhone 6 (standard size one). I have a Nexus 5 and this works fine as well.

RED5 says: “Hi there Joanne, sorry to hear you are having problems using one of your phones with the speaker. Sometimes you do have to slightly adjust the position of the phone on the speaker as it all depends on whereabouts the phones speaker is situated inside. If you would like to return one of your speakers please contact us as and we will see what we can do.”

buy now - Review by tommy


AWESOME!! - Review by Peter

I bought this speaker and I've fallen in love with it and I take it everywhere (Which is practical as it is so small and has no wires). Who doesn't want to hear 'Everything is awesome' blasted at ridiculously loud volumes!?

Amazing for the price! - Review by Scott

Amazing speaker, bought many months ago and recently brought a HTC One X and it works great with it. Me and my friends were using our phones and put different songs on and surprisingly they both worked, but a bit confusing xD.

Tried it Loved - Review by Paul

I tried this the other day while just passing RED5. Placed my brilliant Note2 on top and Wham *** So I thought OK. But what about playing some rock. Made my wife almost jump out of her skin! Hahaha The bass was brilliant. So was this thing any good with Jazz? Oh! So smooth so clear. This thing plays West Coast smooth jazz so clean I almost totally chilled out. So what about the classics. By this time the manager joined in and we played some Vivaldi. What can I say but sublimely brilliant. And now I want one as does my wife and daughter. So.. I wonder if I can place my phone across two them and they'll work in sync. Just got to find the money for one each and I'll know. Buy one. No buy two at this price its a steal ;-).

RED5 says: “Hi there Paul, we are really pleased to hear you think the Induction Speaker is brilliant. Unfortunately you won't be able to use two of them in sync although it was a nice idea”

This is awesome - Review by James

What an amazing speaker, not only does it have good sound but you can get them in cool colours. Well done RED5 good product.

Fanbloodytastic - Review by Debbie

This is brilliant, sound is fantastic and very loud, well worth the money. My kids are going mad, I keep playing my oldies very loud. My daughter in-law has bought one and my daughter wants one. Great for carrying around to work etc to brighten up your day with a few songs....

Induction speaker - Review by Jayne

I don't have one of these but after checking out my son's, I must say it's brilliant, a must have, really cranks up the volume, sweet ❤