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When the night starts to fall your party should just be getting started and we can’t think of a better product to maximise the dying of the light than the Inflatable Pulse Ball. This mammoth ball of LEDs is an interactive toy that will make your party a memorable one! Featuring an impressive 156 LEDs, the ball illuminates when touched or bounced and is even responsive to sound and vibration.

The sheer amount of LEDs in the Pulse Ball make it light up like a trapped swarm of fireflies, all ready to shine brightly on your command. Each LED is good for around 100,000 flashes too so thats more than plenty of illuminated fun.

Unless your party also includes a bed of nails or rather large cactus, then the tough PVC material should be more than durable for endless hours of bouncing fun. When your party goers are all pooped out, the ball easily deflates and can be stored away until your next late night shindig.

Please note: Our Inflatable Pulse Balls are a clear transparent PVC with bright white LEDs.


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Product Features

  • Interactive flashing ball
  • Features 78 modules each with 2 super bright LEDs
  • Responds to touch and sound
  • Made from durable PVC
  • Measures 1m in diameter when fully inflated
  • Batteries included
  • Batteries non-replacable
  • Each battery will provide around 100,000 flashes 

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