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iPhone 4/4s Union Jack Cover

Cooler than an Apple

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Product Description

We have recently found out that our beautiful country Great Britain isn’t actually that great! For years we thought we were this amazing place but it turns out it’s all just silly play on words. The ‘Great’ in Great Britain actually means ‘great’ in size not in superiority! It’s because we are simply bigger in size than Brittany. Can you believe it?! We might as well be called ‘Bigger than that little part of France Britain’. Depressing. :(

However, since it’s a little known fact if we keep it to ourselves no one will ever know! Hoorah! So to celebrate our wonderful nation (and ignoring the fact that it just means biggish) we have the Union Jack case. Adorned with our glorious flag it is the perfect fit for iPhone 4/4s. Once you have clicked it into place you’re ready to face the world as the patriotic legend that you are. Because in reality, we both know that the stylish Union Jack is a million times cooler than an apple.

Product Features

  • Union Jack cover for iPhone 4/4s
  • Show your patriotic side
  • Lightweight cover provides protection from bumps and scratches
  • Cooler than the apple logo
  • Measures approx. 11.5cm x 6cm x 1cm

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Good solid product - Review by joseph

Nice simple case, stylish and strong. It fits really well onto the iPhone and can't get scratched or cracked easily, good purchase.