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iTap Charger

Electricity on tap

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Product Description

When you use your beloved phone every minute of every day the battery life doesn’t last as long as you might have wished and you have to ration the last 15% until you get home to your charger. Not exactly ideal is it? The next option is to buy a new charger of course but why would you settle for the standard charger when you could get something a little different.

This quirky design keeps electricity on tap for you (not quite literally) but nothing looks cooler than a faucet plugged into the wall! The 3 pin ac mains UK plug works with most USB cables so should charge any device from the USB port under the spout. Made from durable white ABS plastic, this mains to USB adaptor comes with a charging indicator; twist the valve to choose between red – on standby and blue – charging. We believe that it's much more exciting than your standard plug!

Product Features

  • Quirky tap charger
  • Works with most USB cables
  • Charging indicators: red – standby blue – charging
  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • Glossy white finish
  • Measures approx. 10cm x 7cm x 5cm

Technical Specifications

  • UK 240v mains plug
  • 3 pin ac mains plug


  • 1 x iTap Charger

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Great choice! - Review by Thomas

When looking at this product I did feel as if it may be slightly pricey for what it is, but upon receiving it I was flooded with compliments about how cool it looked. Not only do you get the eccentric, futuristic style but it also lights up in two colours. On a more personal note, my charger is located in my bedroom next to my bed which gives a calm, blue glow throughout my room. It is a great product which shall surely make you the envy of your friends.