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Feel (the quality of) the force

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Product Description

Star Wars is much more than a series of films. It's about the ultimate fight of good versus evil. It's about an under lying force that stretches throughout the universe connecting us all together as one. Much more importantly it is letting grown men relive their childhood fantasy of believing they can control people using the power of the force! Oh yes.

We can guarantee, without fail, that everyone that dons the Jedi apparel will at some point wave their hand in front of their partners face with a desired command such as "you will make me a cup of tea" or "there is no dirty washing on the bedroom floor". And in that moment we can also guarantee that there is a small part deep within them that believes it actually could work!

The Jedi Bathrobe is a perfect gift for anyone that grew up with Star Wars and we are sure it will get worn a lot more than you think it will, especially when no one else is watching!

One size fits all. Buy your partner this you will ;)

Product Features

  • Perfect for any Sci-fi fan!
  • Feel the quality, then feel the force!
  • Embroidered Jedi logo
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • One size fits all
  • Measures approx. 140cm (l) x 75cm (w)

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The comfortable jedi - Review by ash

I was brought this by my girlfriend for Christmas and if I'm not wearing it in the evening, she is. Very warm, very comfortable and nice to curl up in.
Wouldn't recommend trying to do the washing up in it though, the sleeves dangle a bit.

Every mans dream! - Review by Franki Mills

I brought this for my partner who may i add is 28 years old. I dont think i have seen a day where he has not had it on! He loves it so much and of course he loves acting like a true Jedi in it...He even proposed to me in his Jedi robe :)