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If you are a fan of Jellyfish but just don’t have enough room on your desk for our larger big tank, then the mini tank is what you need. Standing at approximately 22cm tall, and 7cm wide, it really is a cute little tank that could perch on the edge of most tables and shelves. Just like the original jelly fish tank, they don’t need any feeding, or cleaning or anything boring like that. The triple LED’s light up the tank in three different colours and the whisper quiet motor allows us to relax in peace without hearing that irritating ‘vvrrrmmmmm’ noise. 

Unlike the larger Jellyfish Tank, the mini is powered by batteries which means you can place it anywhere and not need to worry about where to plug it in. Jets of air move the water inside the tank providing the jellyfish with realistic movement. The Jellyfish Tank Mini is a moodlight perfect for putting you in a relaxing mood light and great for any kids bedroom.

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Product Features

  • Realistic Jellyfish movement
  • No cleaning or feeding required
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries
  • Measures approx. 22cm x 7cm x 7cm

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Love it but... - Review by Jasmine

I love this product, however I'd love it more if the jellyfish left the top. I've followed the instructions very carefully but it just doesn't seem to go down. They circle the top. Maybe this is just me but that's what I've experienced. I havnt given up yet I've wanted one for age. :))

cool, for a while... - Review by Abbie

The jellyfish tank is awesome but mines started to go green, had it since Christmas and had to clean it about 16 times. Its brilliant when its clean but mine keeps going green like every few days and I don't know why as its only water & washing up liquid. I followed the instructions properly...

RED5 says: “Hi there Abbie, sorry to hear your Jellyfish Tank keeps going green. Unfortunately this can often happen if the tank is filled with tap water rather than distilled water. We would suggest giving it a good clean and then refilling but only using distilled water and this should stop it from going green. If you continue to have problems please contact us at”

very good - Review by Jarred

It does what it says it does.

Fantastic Light - Review by Samuel

I have this in my room and it is fabulous at night. When I switch it on at night it makes all my bad feelings go away.

Relaxing Night Light - Review by Lisa

I bought this for my daughter for her birthday and she loves watching the jellyfish in the tank and it acts as a relaxing night light for her when she goes to bed. Fantastic gift

good present - Review by Jack

It's very nice to watch move around in the tank. It looks great when it's dark.

Incredible Longevity - Review by John

I have had this thing running for well over 200 hours with no faults. Pump is perfect, lights are great. Couldn't be happier.

I was a little annoyed with how fast it drained batteries so I found an old phone charger with the same wattage and voltage of 3 AA's and modified it so it ran off the mains.

Although I do not recommend this modification (it voids warranty, etc)..., for those tinkerers out there with electrical knowledge...anything is possible ;).

cool - Review by jamie

It was good while it lasted and it lasted quite a while. It was very beautiful and had a good design.

RED5 says: “Hi there Jamie, if your Mini Jellyfish Tank has stopped working please contact our lovely Customer Service team and they will get this sorted for you :).”

battery life - Review by Olga

I bought this for my son and we all love it but the batteries need changing so often that it is impracticable for him to take it back to Uni with him. Somewhat disappointed.

Great fun, works perfectly! - Review by James

Great little present from my Son this Christmas. Tried it first with tap water as I was impatient! As per other reviews, air bubbles accumulate on the jellyfish and they float to the surface. Not having any distilled or de-mineralised water I used water which had boiled in the kettle, then COOLED TO ROOM TEMPERATURE. This works perfectly as it is basically de-mineralised. Works a treat and looks great!

Cool - Review by Heather

Bought two of these, one for my son-in-law and one for my grandson and both of them love it. It works brilliantly and the lighting is wonderful. Its very relaxing, I'm now thinking of getting one for myself!

Great product... sometimes - Review by Callum

This product caught my eye from the start and couldn't wait to purchase one. I immediately did so and eagerly awaited it's arrival. When it came I straight away unpacked it and set out to put it into use. However, after spending a good 40 minutes setting it up using the instructions, I found that the obnoxious pink and yellow caps inside the jellyfish stuck out very clearly. I also found that after watching it for a few minutes, the jellyfishes', "realistic", movement apparently includes sticking to the vent like a plunger. I love watching it and think it's a great idea but find it infuriating that every few minutes I have to detach the jellyfish. I don't know whether to give this product a 1 or a 5 but this is a problem that is no fault of my own and am incredibly irritated at. Please reply as soon as possible with a solution or an explanation of why it's happening to me.

RED5 says: “Hi Callum, really sorry to hear you're disappointed with this product. Please contact our lovely Customer Services team who should be able to help you out as it sounds like you might have a faulty unit.”

So awesome! - Review by Lauren

Very quiet motor, and nice lighting.

Wonderful - Review by Marcus

My girlfriend got me this as a present for my desk and I absolutely love it!

It's great for watching whilst trying to figure something out and the lights are brilliant in my dark room in the evening as I game.

She bought me a litre bottle of deionized water of which I used just over half and it seems to have worked perfectly, I added some washing up liquid as recommended too.

This is a brilliant product, I love it and everyone I know thinks it is great.

Brilliant! - Review by Charlie

What a fantastic idea. Doubles really well as a nightlight. I bought it for an eight year old and she loved it!

Great gift! - Review by Tracey

Bought this for my son and he loves it! Doesn't take up much space but totally transforms the space it's in. With the light and the jellyfish floating around, it is totally relaxing to watch, and no maintenance needed at all. Perfect for my teenager to chill out to!

Last minute Success - Review by Keith

This was a last minute Christmas stocking filler, it arrived on time and proved a great success with my grandson. Thanks a Million.

Got smiles - Review by Richard

Much appreciated by my niece this Christmas.

Amazing gift - Review by Jamie

Buy one... Use distilled water and be amazed!

AMAZING - Review by christopher

Great item, bought for an Xmas gift. Excellent delivery service, fast quick delivery. Hassle free. Great value for money, such a smart gadget. Would definitely buy from RED5 again.

Thanks guys

I'm not quie sure yet. - Review by Redmir

I can't review this yet since I lack the few materials at home to set everything up. When I get the time I'm going to pop into the supermarket like Tesco and buy some batteries.

However as for the Distilled Water - The Tesco that I go to does not sell them and the only one I can find are De-ionised water - therefore I would like to ask if De-Ionised water is fine?

Thank you.

RED5 says: "De-ionised water should work just fine Redmir :)"

Amazing, low-maintenance pet - Review by Patrick

This little tank is perfect for using a small place to add a cool and unique vibe to a room - and it's easy to set up.

Make sure you use distilled or deionised water though - it's more than a recommendation. It's also very important to not get any bubbles on the jellyfish before you release it - once it's in the hole in top, poke it with something to knock all the bubbles off.

After this, you're sorted. The jellyfish drift around gracefully, and the lights in the bottom give them an ethereal glow. Apparently, they're also somewhat realistic - I have one of my friends convinced that they are a real, living species of jellyfish! Perfect for, well, anybody!

So lifelike!!!!!!!! - Review by Nicole

These jellyfish are absolutely mesmerising! They're really relaxing to watch and the motor is incredibly quiet! Brilliant relaxing tool or drifting off to sleep helper! Highly recommend!

If you want a harmless jellyfish then you've come to the right place! - Review by sebastian

Great jellyfish, here you are - £18 in store!

From rubbish to awesome! - Review by James

I was staying in a hotel in Hull, so exited to try it but then when I got it I found out you need to wait 20 min while soaking the jellyfish, you needed washing up liquid and a screwdriver. Then when I got home I tried to do it but no screwdriver matched the screw in the hole thing!

But then it worked, it is so awesome have it on everyday. So cool, my little cousin loves it!

RED5 says: "You do indeed need a screwdriver to get into the battery compartment, but it's just a small Philips head :) We're glad you and your little cousin like it in the end although we thought 2 stars was a bit harsh! ;)"

Very disappointed!! - Review by Susie

We love it so much, BUT......... Lighting is beautiful - done everything as instructed, (not used distilled water) little jellyfish just float on the top?! Does not seem enough power in the aeration part to allow them to gracefully float about?!?! Can you help us? My little boy is gutted?!?! Many thanks

RED5 says: "Distilled or de-ionised water is almost a must with this product Susie. This is the first thing we'd suggest to try but if this doesn't work then just drop our customer services an email :)"

Want a pet with no fuss? - Review by nat

I have the inability to keep goldfish for longer than 2 days....... this is a perfect alternative! Really brightened up my room and is so much less hassle than a real fish.

mesmorising - Review by Louise

My daughter saw this on friday and couldn't believe her eyes. Suffice to say i loved it just as much. Absolutley brilliant as a night light and as a decoration. My friends were very impressed so a few more will be purchased. I am now planning to buy another two so thanks for such a great product at a fantastic price.

great pet - Review by charlie

great little pet that takes no looking after lol. it sits on my desk at work and is quite soothing to look at. my only reason for 4 stars is because sometimes the jelly fish stick to the top and u have to move them alittle. but that maybe down to me not putting enough soapy water in there. thanks RED5